Meetings and Competitions - 2018/2019



                    The Scout Den, Pixon Lane, Tavistock, 7.30pm on the 3rd Monday of each month





Meetings - Events - Visits

Competitions Novices &            Experienced


19th February

AGM & hands on evening







Demonstration by Mark Hancock




A spurtle:-max:12inches


Tuesday 20th March


Evening visit to Tim Haypon

( Musical Instrument restorer)



Details to announced at the meeting on 19th Feb. 


16th April


Hands on evening – Basic Wood turning techniques and demonstration on using the Skew Chisel


A garden dibber

max: length 12inches




19th May 10am-4pm


Presentation by Dave Appleby at Plymouth Wood Turners


   £5 Pilgrim Centre

   St. Levans Road



21st May

Demonstration by John Montgomery

Pair of matching light pulls


3rd June

Tavistock Steam Fair Bedford

Car Park

3rd June


18th June

Demonstration by Bob Brinkworth


A goblet with one ring

16th July

Demonstration by Roger Gubbin - Sharpening  tools


Pair of napkin rings

11th - 12th August

10am -5pm


RAF Harrowbeer Show


  11th - 12Th  August



20st August


(Hands on Evening):- make a child’s top

(coloured or plain)

Followed by a



17th September


Presentation by Mark Hancock




A platter 6” approx: dia:



Saturday 6th October

10am - 4pm

Demonstration by Ben Beddows


£5 Pilgrim Centre. 

St. Levans Road



15th Oct:



Sean Hellman    Wood Turning / Carving    

A lidded box within an envelope

5” high x 4”dia:

    Saturday  3rd Nov:


Presentation Alan Thomas at Plymouth Wood Turners

£5 Pilgrim Centre. 

St. Levans Road





19th November



Christmas Tree Decorations  (Hands on Evening)


Wooden Christmas Cracker

 17th December

 Club Family Social Evening

 Gallery Exhibition


21st January 2019

Demonstration by Mike Edmonds followed by

(Hands on Evening)


A pear approx: size 4” high x 2.5”dia:


18th February 2019


AGM & (Hands on Evening)

Bring and Buy Sale


        President:- Eric Cockings 01822 615132,                                                               Chairman :- Mike Edmonds 01822 617732

        Vice Chairman:-Peter Brinsden 01822 614306,                                  Membership Secretary:- Elaine Smerdon 01752 839376

        Secretary:- Elaine Smerdon  01752 839376,            Treasurer:- Liz Wilebore 01822 854266         Shows:- Eric Cockings 01822 615132

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